A meeting of minds: Lisette Pons and Stefan Winterling – Artistic concepts and processes in distillation and photographic art

The people attending the Nit de l’Art event held recently in Palma de Mallorca were able to experience a great many artistic adventures. One such adventure was the one offered by the Workspace & Studio Lisette Pons, photographer, and Stefan Winterling, distiller – they presented and analysed the artistic process and concept involved in the distillation process and photographic art.

Stefan Winterling distilled some liquids using a glass still which allowed the audience a great view of the chemical process involved in the distillation and its different stages.

Those present were able to see the many similarities between two creative processes which at first glance seem so different.

The following short videos illustrate an interview conducted on the night:

Very Interesting!


Question 1:

Stefan, How would you describe your work, What is Geist?

Lisette, How would you describe your art?

Question 2:

Stefan, What happens before the distillation takes place?

Lisette What has to take place before you can start your work?

Question 3:

Stefan, Do you strive to interpret something through the distillation process? What do you want GIN EVA to express?

Lisette, Do you strive to interpret something in particular or do you just go with the flow?

Question 4:

Stefan, What is the chemical process involved in distillation like? What are its stages?

Lisette, Describe your artistic process

Stefan, Do you always achieve what you were hoping to achieve?

Lisette, Are your results always the same? Can the work be freely interpreted by each person?



Photographic response:

Stefan, What does ‘To distill’ mean for you?

Lisette, What does ‘Your art’ mean for you?